Clean Development Energy Saving Lamp Reflector Shade

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Modern cities require high-illumination, energy-efficient outdoor lighting for streets, parking lots, shopping centers, parks, and many other locations. This advanced reflector technology enables lighting manufacturers to design a superior solution for such applications with its special design that ensures a brighter light source while generating less heat.This clean energy development energy saving lamp reflector shade comprises a base body, one face of which includes an arched back and the other face of which includes a light projection aperture with an inner diameter. A light reflecting surface is provided on the inner surface of the light projection aperture featuring a plurality of spherical convexes; each of the spherical convexes is spaced from each other by a predetermined distance. The ratio of the inner diameter of the spherical convexes to the inner diameter of the light projection aperture is set within 1:15 to 1:80. As such when the lighting reflector shade is applied to the C.D.E.S. lamp, each of the spherical convexes of the light reflecting surface works as a prism so that the light diffusion can be dispensed widely and the light projection range of reach goes further. The luminous efficiency can be enhanced to more than 100 LM/W, and the energy consumption is reduced significantly.

Key Benefits

  • Enhances the efficiency of outdoor lighting by ensuring a higher luminosity while minimizing heat and energy consumption
  • Low cost, delivers energy savings of up to 65% compared to traditional lighting, and has a longer life span
  • High-quality light color that is very close to natural light

Target Applications

C.D.E.S. is targeted at a full range of outdoor lighting applications, including streets, parking lots, shopping centers, parks, and stadiums.


Title: Energy Saving Lighting Reflector Shade with High Efficiency and Performance
EconomyPatent NumberStatus
Chinese Taipei103121173Pending

Target Cooperation Model

  • Non-exclusive Licensing
  • Turnkey Solution


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