Real-Time Interactive Gigapixel Image Visualization over Internet

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As digital imaging technology advances, gigapixel and even terapixel super-resolution microscopic images are starting to proliferate for medical and other applications. However, due to their enormous size, the real-time interactive visualization of such super-resolution microscopic images over the Internet is difficult and existing solutions such as Microsoft HDview, GigaPan and Aperio WebScope suffer from time delays.This powerful new technology provides a method for enabling the real-time interactive multi-resolution visualization of large-scale gigapixel microscopic images over the Internet using standard desktop PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. Indeed, its real-time system is one hundred times faster than Microsoft HDview and twenty times faster than Aperio WebScope in the interactive visualization of gigapixel images over the wired and wireless Internet.

Key Benefits

  • Enables interactive ultra-fast visualization of super gigapixel/terapixel high-resolution images
  • Accessible over fixed and wireless Internet, including 3G/4G connections
  • Uses standard desktops, laptops and mobile devices; no expensive equipment required

Target Applications

This innovative real-time interactive gigapixel image visualization solution is targeted at hospitals and other healthcare facilities to facilitate the sharing of high-resolution images between doctors and other professionals. It also has potential applications in other industries such as construction.


Title: Real-time Cloud Image System and Managing Method Thereof
EconomyPatent NumberStatus
Chinese Taipei101141605Submitted
People's Republic of China201310197217.1Submitted

Target Cooperation Model

  • Nonexclusive Licensing
  • Exclusive Licensing
  • Patent Translation
  • Turnkey Solution


Professor Ching-Wei Wang National Taiwan University of Science & Technology Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering 43 Keelung Road, Section 4, Taipei 10607 Email: