Automatic Cephalometric X-Ray Image Analysis Solution

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Cephalometric analysis is mandatory in orthodontic analysis and treatment planning, and the marking of critical landmarks during this analysis is essential as it facilitates the correct interpretation of patients’ skeletal structures and provides a complete picture for surgeons carrying out orthognathic surgery (OGS).In clinical practice, manual marking is commonly conducted, but this is a very time-consuming and subjective process. This innovative high resolution imaging technology provides a robust, time-saving and reliable system that enables both the automatic identification of anatomical landmarks and automatic image registration to enable doctors to more efficiently analyze bone growth and speed up patient recovery. The system also allows batch processing, so that users can run data from hundreds of patients at the same time.This new technology has been tested using 300 cephalometric X-ray images collected from 300 patients (ages 6 - 60) of the Tri-Service General Hospital in Chinese Taipei. An ethical approval was obtained in order to conduct the study (IRB Number 1-102-05-017) from the research ethics committee of the Tri-Service General Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan.

Key Benefits

Automatic identification of anatomical landmarks
    • Fast & smart batch processing
    • Automatically identifies 19 anatomical landmarks
    • Exports images with highlighted landmark locations and landmark coordinates
    • Fully automatic with high accuracy (a success rate of 88% landmark detection within 4.0 mm)
Automatic image registration for analysis of patient recovery and bone growth
      • Based on the user's requirement, automatically aligns two images captured at different times, enabling bone growth analysis over time.

Target Applications

This innovative automatic cephalometric X-ray image analysis solution is targeted at hospitals, dentists and other orthodontic and orthognathic facilities.


Title: Automatic method and system thereof for selecting feature points in an image
EconomyPatent NumberStatus
Chinese Taipei103115623Submitted

Target Cooperation Model

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Professor Ching-Wei Wang National Taiwan University of Science & Technology Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering 43 Keelung Road, Section 4, Taipei 10607 Email: