Biochar Manufacturing Technology and Equipment

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This manufacturing technology and equipment provides a more energy-efficient process for the production of biochar, a porous and alkaline charcoal that is used in the amendment of crop soil and the pretreatment of water culture to improve the growth of plants and aquatic products.The equipment consists of a vertical carbonization furnace and batch-type carbonizing kiln with production capacities of 30kg/hr and 100kg/Bat respectively in the prototype device. By limiting the amount of oxygen available, the technology enables the manufacturing of biochar using materials such as wood, bamboo, and nutshells thorough pyrolysis. This is not only more energy-efficient than other processes, but also minimizes the carbon production footprint. Parameters can be easily adjusted according to customer needs.

Key Benefits

    • Energy-efficient
    • Low carbon footprint
    • Cost-effective

Target Applications

The technology is aimed at providing a low-cost, energy-efficient biochar production solution. It is particularly suited for emerging markets in which biochar has the potential to play an important role in increasing crop yields.


Target Cooperation Model

  • Nonexclusive Licensing


Shih-Chi Lee Deputy Division Director Industrial Technology Research Institute Email: