Blue Ray Scanning Microscope

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This Blue Ray Scanning Microscope (BSM) has been developed for cell fluorescence image capturing at high resolutions and low cost. In addition to being compact in size, BSM features a position-addressable function and a specially-designed sample slide with a sampling area and an address-coded area for sample holding and address recognition, respectively. The cell image of each sector of the sampling area has a corresponding address pattern that can be addressed accurately and repeatedly at high speed.

Key Benefits

  • Each image pixel has its own absolute address coding that can be addressed accurately and repeatedly
  • Compact size and cost effective
  • Strong IP portfolio

Target Applications

The compact and cost-effective BSM system has the potential to replace mid- and high-end digital laser confocal microscopes, which can be placed inside the cell incubation chamber for real-time monitoring of cell growth and evolution. The BSM also can be used for studying multiple fluorescence images and toxicities of drugs on the cells. Furthermore, it also can be modified as a microflow cytometer cell counter and biochip reader.


Title: Method for designing computational optical imaging
EconomyPatent NumberStatus
Chinese TaipeiPending
People’s Republic of ChinaPending
USAUS8,514,390 B2Pending
Title: Optical registration specimen
EconomyPatent NumberStatus
Chinese TaipeiPending

Target Cooperation Model

  • Nonexclusive Licensing
  • Exclusive Licensing
  • Technology Transfer
  • Turnkey Solution


Professor Ching-Wei Wang Rung-Ywan Tsai R&D Director ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) Email: