iSleep Intelligent PC Power Management Platform

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PCs can account for up to 70% of total office electricity consumption, resulting in excessive energy costs and an increased carbon footprint for most companies. By tracking PC usage patterns and identifying the minimum standby time setting acceptable to users, iSleep can help to significantly reduce energy consumption of computers and minimize their impact on the environment.

Key Benefits

  • iSleep provides PC OEMs with an innovative and cost-effective way of differentiating their products in the market by delivering superior energy efficiency than their competitors
  • With its intelligent tracking and management features, iSleep cuts PC energy consumption by up to 15% for the system and 7.5% for the monitor, thereby minimizing electricity costs and environmental impact
  • By recording and aggregating PC usage data patterns across an organization in its user-friendly management platform, iSleep enables companies to identify additional opportunities for further energy conservation

Target Applications

iSleep is targeted at PC OEMs and assemblers looking for ways of improving the energy consumption of their products. The PC market is over 300 million units per year, representing a major opportunity.


Title: Electronic apparatus and energy-saving method thereof
EconomyPatent NumberStatus
Chinese Taipei101144189Pending

Target Cooperation Model

  • Licensing Partnerships with PC OEMs


Tony Liu Manager Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Email: