Perforated Electrode Flow-Through (PEFT) Cell

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The PEFT Cell uses a highly efficient and cost-effective electrochemical process to disinfect water supplies, with low electricity costs and no chemical additives. The cell’s mode of action is summarized below:
  • Production of chlorine from the chloride ions naturally present in water, which inactivates pathogens
  • Production of a high voltage electric field (from low applied voltage), which disrupts the cell membranes of pathogens and enhances the lethality of chlorine
The PEFT Cell has a modular design and multiple modules can be connected to treat greater flows, meaning that the technology can be adapted to a range of applications.

Key Benefits

  • Uses predominantly green technologies
  • A unique electrochemical cell for non-chemical water disinfection
  • Alternative to salt chlorinators for disinfection of swimming pools, where the PEFT Cell can produce required chlorine levels with significantly lower chloride inputs.
  • Disinfection of recycled water for hydroponics systems
  • Disinfection of domestic household drinking water
  • No need for any chemical additives
  • Natural production of chlorine from incoming water supply
  • Effective disinfection in low chlorine environments
  • Lower power consumption, therefore a decreased running costs
  • Safer and more environmentally friendly solution

Target Applications

The PEFT Cell technology can be used for the following applications:
  • Water purification: efficient removal of iron and manganese and simultaneous elimination of bacteria for residential and commercial applications.
  • Agriculture: Removal of dissolved metals, which can be harmful to the health and productivity of animals, from stock drinking water.
  • Horticulture: Removal of dissolved metals to prevent precipitation and blockage of irrigation systems.

Target Cooperation Model

  • Nonexclusive Licensing
  • Exclusive Licensing
  • Startup venture

Additional Information



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