Treasure Trove of Australian IP Data Made Available

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The Australian Government has announced that it is making 100 years of Intellectual Property (IP) rights data available online at to Bob Baldwin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry, this world-first move will help companies find each other more quickly to collaborate, build their product and get it to market.The information being made available comprises more than 350 million data points, including rights to patents, trade-marks, designs and plant breeders’ rights and will be updated annually. This information also allows the Australian Government to map innovation and pinpoint exactly where new ideas have been developed in Australia, and by which companies.“Placing IP rights data on the web in a way that is easily searchable will make it easier for business to come together to innovate, create jobs and boost our economy,” Mr Baldwin said. “The data includes information about IP rights applications that can be matched to individual firms along with information about their size, their technology and their geographic location. This data allows Australia to continue to encourage the collaboration and innovation to help our nation be globally competitive into the future.”To find out more, see the Australian Government's Press Release.