Female entrepreneurs a force for sustainable development in China

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Female entrepreneurs are becoming a growing force in China as the number of businesses owned by women continues to increase. This is according to a report issued by the China Association of Women Entrepreneurs at the 2014 International Forum for Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs in Beijing in December 2014.

The report shows that 66.3 % of female entrepreneurs hold more than 50 % of the shares in their enterprises and 46.5 % hold more than 75 % of shares.These women are also well qualified. The percentage of business women who have a master’s or a doctor’s degree has increased by 9% since 2011 and by 19% since 2009.

Most enterprises are active in the service industry and most middle-sized, but they continue to expand. Most of the entrepreneurs are conscious of the effect their businesses have on the environment and as a group they actively control emissions of major pollutants. Between 2012 and 2013 almost half of all enterprises run by women decreased their emissions by 20% and 47.7 % decreased emissions by 10%.

Introducing the report, China Association of Women Entrepreneurs president Zhu Rui told the forum that female entrepreneurs are playing an increasingly significant role in the market and are a new force in promoting the development of a sustainable and healthy economy and society. More than 260 female entrepreneurs, experts from the relevant ministries along with representatives from overseas attended the forum.

This was the eighth report that the China Association of Women Entrepreneurs has released since 2001 on the status and trends of female Chinese entrepreneurs, the problems they face and ways to overcome barriers to further development.

Source: www.womenofchina.cn