DAMO turns Android smartphones into a proper presentation tool

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Crowdfunding is proving to be an increasingly popular method for startups and SMMEs in the APEC region to raise investment for bringing new products to market. Taiwan-based startup DAMO has, for example, turned to Indiegogo where it aims to raise $90,000 in funding for its innovative new wireless projector that will enable users to give presentations using their Android smart phone or tablet.

With this innovation you don’t have the frustration of a small screen limiting your ability to share information with a group of people. You can connect your device to DAMO and have your phone’s touch screen projected on a wall. Whatever you do on your phone, will immediately display on the wall.

How does it work? DAMO connects wirelessly with your Android device and with your projector which can then project your device on a wall or whatever surface you have at your disposal. The image on the wall becomes a touch screen that you can interact with. For this you use a DAMO Pen or a DAMO Ring which sends an infrared signal to DAMO and then back to your phone. You can also manipulate the screen display, projected on the wall, directly from your phone or tablet. In order to connect with DAMO, you download the DAMO app free from the Google Play store once you received your DAMO. The app runs on any Android device running 4.2 or higher.

DAMO is the creation of three Taiwanese ‘geek dads’ who got tired of slaving away at large tech companies and decided in 2011 to use their tech skills to launch a tech startup. They are CS Chiang, CEO, Louis Lin, CTO, and Alan Lee, Sales Manager. They have been supported and guided in their journey by the most unforgiving of product testers: their children.

Just take your DAMO and your tablet or smartphone wherever you go

In a meeting, the smallness of your phone is no longer a drawback. You can use touch or gesture to interact with the display on the phone, projected on a large surface. If you’re hosting a meeting with several speakers, those with Android devices can download DAMO as well and also share from their devices. Architects and can fashion designers can project intricate design concepts from their tablets onto a wall and walk their audience through every step using touch or gestures.

Now teachers can use apps on their phones as a teaching aid to involve kids in an exciting learning experience. Download a spelling game, connect to your DAMO, and the rest happens on the virtual screen.

You can stream your Android’s built-in camera during Google Hangouts or Skype sessions. Project a video of your meeting or party as it happens.

DAMO has one USB port with which you can connect any USB input device like a keyboard or mouse. It can also be connected to any TV or monitor via HDMI. Since TVs and monitors are not touch compatible, you can attach any mouse, keyboard, or air mouse to control the screen, or you can do it directly from your Android device.

For more information about the project, please click here.