This smart mattress cover takes care of your sleep in more than one way

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A new smart mattress cover by Luna brings the smart home of the future one step closer and provides an excellent example of how SMEs and startups can inject new life into staid old product categories such as household goods by integrating sensors and connecting them to the cloud.

The company describes their innovative product as the world’s first mattress cover that intelligently warms your bed, tracks sleep, and makes your bed smart. The cover fits over a bed mattress, tracks the user’s sleep, and sends the data to the Luna app as well as to other Internet-connected devices in the home.

The Luna mattress cover is an example of product innovation that connects home devices to the cloud to become part of an intelligent environment that eases the lives of busy individuals. Imagine this: after a long day in the trenches, your bed and room are just the right temperature, the lights are dimmed and your favorite music is playing. This is possible because the Luna learns your habits and adjusts your environment accordingly.

The smart connected Luna mattress cover is much more than a bed warmer that sports dual-zone temperature control for couples who have different preferences. WiFi-enabled integration with other devices and a number of sensors greatly extends its range of functions. Through accelerometers it can learn about the quality of a user’s sleep, sensing restless tossing and turning and through other sensors it can detect irregular breathing patterns and heart rate, eventually building up a picture of the quality of a user’s sleep. This information can help a user to take steps to improve the quality of their sleep. Through connection with other smart home devices the Luna can do things like turning lights and music off or on and locking doors. The company already has official partnerships with other smart device manufacturers like Lockitron, Beep, and Emberlight.

The best part is the Luna smart alarm. It identifies the moment of lightest sleep in the 30 minute window before the wake up time the user selected. So, no more sudden wake up from a deep sleep that leaves you startled and disorientated.

The Luna smart mattress cover is available for pre-order through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The projected timeline for starting production is March 2015 and shipping should follow in August 2015.