China makes its presence felt at CeBIT

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China has been out in full force at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, this week, signalling its new status as a high-tech powerhouse. CeBIT is a major information technology (IT) business fair and more than 600 Chinese companies, among them online merchant Alibaba, PC maker Lenovo and network supplier Huawei are exhibiting there under the motto "Innovation, Convergence, Cooperation".

In his keynote address at the opening Alibaba Group Holding Ltd executive chairman Jack Ma focused on the development of internet companies and future trends in information and communication technology. "We are sure that the whole world in the next 30 years will be changed," he said, adding that if the first and second innovation and technology revolutions liberated human strength and physical strength, this revolution will liberate the strength of the human brain.

He said the future world will be connected by data, instead of oil or other things."The future world, the business is C2B, not B2C. C2B is consumer to business, not business to consumer, because we have a lot of data, because of the data, the manufacturer must do customized things, otherwise manufacturing will be very difficult," said Ma.

The Internet tycoon gave a glimpse of the future when the company launched a new e-payment system that uses facial recognition. The service is called “Smile To Pay” and has attracted a lot of attention.In a video message Chinese Premier Li Keqiang spoke of the Chinese government roadmap for the development of the manufacturing industry in China for the next 10 years.

The main themes at CeBIT 2015 are: d!conomy: cloud & Big Data, Mobile, Internet of Everything, Security and privacy and Disruptive Technologies.

More than 3,400 companies from 70 countries and regions are showcasing thousands of digital innovations at CeBIT 2015.

The days when China was the factory that copied and mass produced Western designs and products is long gone. The more than 760 Chinese exhibitors, including big names like Huawei, ZTE, Alibaba, Haier are testimony to the substantial growth of the Chinese IT market and the changing global face of technology – one where China will lead most likely the way.