Alpha Camp startup school expands its footprint in Asia

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Taipei-based startup school Alpha Camp has acquired Singapore-based startup school The Pragmatic Lab for an undisclosed amount. The Pragmatic Lab teaches students how to code IOS and Android apps using a practical hands-on approach. Classes are taught by dedicated trainers that have a flair and passion for teaching.

This serious commitment to education is what the two startup schools share in common.

Alpha Camp offers a structured curriculum with milestones and homework, focussing on particular skills. The 10-week boot camp follows a strict application interview strategy that identifies applicants who show commitment to the program. The startup school targets professionals who want to make a career change and people who want to create their own startup.

Taipei has countless numbers of IT professionals and electronic engineers working 12-hour plus days in mammoth glass-clad buildings, earning good salaries but pining for an opportunity out of the daily technology grind. Overworked and feeling trapped in jobs that require their skills but not their creativity, they are the ideal candidates for the training that Alpha camp offers.

Alpha Camp founder Bernard Chan has assembled an impressive team of industry specialists including executives of technology firms Yahoo! and Google, founders of successful startups, and angel investors to act as instructors and mentors. On offer are boot camps and seminars. The 10-week intensive boot camp teaches key tech capabilities in three fields of specialisation: web development, IOS mobile development and marketing and growth. Alpha Camp seminars provide information on how to turn their product idea into reality, strategies for startup growth and the fundamentals of user experience design.

The startup school, which is looking to expand further into Asia, was officially launched in February 2014 and has already graduated two classes. The acquisition will not prevent The Pragmatic Lab from retaining its brand and continuing to operate independently.