Create an interactive website that requires no coding

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Traditionally, the creation of an interactive website required hiring a developer to convert graphic design into code. Not only is this a time-consuming process, it also adds to the production costs, making up a large percentage of the web design budget.

Popular website building app Webydo, solves this problem by letting designers create beautiful responsive websites without code. Webydo is a community-led cloud platform for professional web design with over 93,000 designers, design studios, and web design agencies worldwide. The platform allows graphic and web designers to create and manage advanced business websites for their clients without the need to write code.

The company recently announced the launch of its ‘Pixel-Perfect Responsive Editor’ for users. The editor lets designers take full control over design elements saving time and costs. Made by designers for designers, this revolutionary new tool was determined and requested for development by its growing designer community, which has seen a growth of 300% over the past six months.

The code-free editor allows individuals to create highly-responsive sites for their clients with total creative freedom.

Features of the ‘Pixel-Perfect Responsive Editor’ include the following: • Pixel-Perfect Precision: Designers have complete control over the site’s elements, layouts, content, navigation, and functionality with pixel-perfect accuracy. • Code-Free Breakpoints: Designers can scale and adopt every single element of their website to fit all devices available today and in the future with pixel-perfect accuracy. • Unified Management: Designers can assign content managers to their site to efficiently manage all the site’s content from one place, preventing duplicated content that hurts SEO ranking. • Total Design Flexibility: Designers can decide which design elements to add, delete, or replace in each site version in order to optimize their clients’ sites for better mobile user experience • Automatic image optimization: Every image is optimized and a different image version is loaded according to the user’s screen.

The updated tool allows Webydo users to create responsive sites that scale accurately across all device screen sizes, and addresses the challenges faced when trying to correctly display visual assets correctly on big and small screens without building separately for each size. It also optimizes images for various screen sizes, and allows for code-free control over how elements – whether layouts, navigation, interactive components like parallax backgrounds, or content – are displayed on different devices.

In the past, creating a responsive site meant designers had to manually convert their static graphic design into code or hire a developer to do it, adding more than 70% to the website creation budget.