Take a working break with Jobbatical

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Remember the gap year? That time after school when your parents put you on a flight to a foreign country to discover yourself before you commit to fulltime study? Ever wished you could take a similar break from your fulltime job, but can’t afford a break from you income?There’s a startup for this. Sign up with Jobbatical and you can be off to a new city, breathing fresh experiences while working and earning. Just for a month or two or more before you head back to your real job.

Jobbatical, a startup from Estonia, has honed in on the need of employers to find skilled international talent for short-term positions and the global trend of digital nomads looking for work in different locations. The startup has created a portal where skilled professionals can find short-term sabbatical work opportunities worldwide.

The timing seems perfect as increasingly organizations are moving away from appointing permanent fulltime staff, employing instead consultants and experts on specific projects. Already, after only six months, there are more than 2,000 job-seekers and 400 job opportunities available on the platform. The career gap, or sabbatical opportunities range from one month to longer than a year.

Admittedly most of the jobs posted are for geeks who can do code. Software developers, growth hackers, technical development interns, iOs and Android engineers can apply for jobs in Malysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Budapest, South Africa, France, Hong Kong, Croatia, China to name a few. Jobs are mostly with startups and social enterprises that are also advertising for the skills of editors, content managers, marketing experts, SEO/SEM specialists, sales managers, designers and business development experts.

Asia is a favourite choice with job applicants on the Jobbatical platform. Singapore has the most openings followed by Hong Kong, and Malaysia is also popular choice.

Founder Karoli Hindriks told Techinasia the demand has outstripped supply, with thousands of job seekers looking for jobs while Jobbatical has 600 employer accounts, but not all of them have posted jobs. As a service to employers, Jobbatical shortlists applicants through a vetting process.

Takes the risk out of relocating

Although the prospect of living and working in a foreign country is alluring, taking the step to relocate is too risky for many to contemplate. There are just too many unanswered questions. Companies like Jobbatical take the risk out of relocating by giving workers a taste of the job, the company, the country and the people before permanent relocation. A natural next step to provide a more complete service, would be visa application and relocation services, which are also in the pipeline.

Jobbatical has recently closed a €260k seed round led by Estonian tax payer-funded VC SmartCap.