HWTrek Announces Asia Tour 2015 for Hardware Startups

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To get from a great idea to a great product is not easy. Prototyping is not for sissies – you need fortitude to work through many nights and then start all over again when one tiny cog doesn’t fit into the final gadget. And if you operate from North America or Europe, you don’t have quick access to experienced manufacturers in Asia that could have made things easier for you.

The HWTrek (Hardware Trek) Asia Tour is an opportunity for hardware creators and startups across the globe to visit prominent manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan and China so they can get their projects to market quicker. Fifteen selected startups will tour the facilities and view the assembly lines of some of Asia’s most prominent, billion-dollar manufacturers.

In 2014, HWTrek took the participating startups to visit Wistron, Quanta, Qisda, MiTAC and Jorjin Technologies in Taiwan. In China they went to JD.com and Xiaomi in Beijing.

HWTrek is a global open innovation platform for hardware creation. Based in Taiwan, HWTrek makes it their business to help inventors and startups to bring their hardware innovations to market.

The HWTrek Asia Tour 2015 takes place from 17 to 22 August 2015 in Taipei and China. HWTrek will cover a portion of the travel cost and hotel accommodation for the fifteen chosen startups.

Application requirements

• The application process is open to hardware creators and startup organizations in hardware. • Applicants must have a simple, working prototype of a wearable device or and Internet of Things hardware device. • The working prototype must fall under one of the following categories: Wearables; Industrial Applications; Sports; Toys / Games; Cameras / Audio & Video; Family / Home Automation; Mobile Device Accessories; Auto; or Health and Science. • The deadline for the application is July 17, 2015.

“HWTrek led our first experience in Asia and introduced us to dozens of potential customers and suppliers,” said Steven Stoddard, Co-founder and Director of Operations of CoolChip (Boston), who participated in the 2014 tour. “We even ended up raising money from an angel investor we met on the trip! We’re still working on our first manufacturing agreement, but I would recommend HWTrek to any startup who thinks they might manufacture or sell in Asia someday.”

Please visit here to apply.