Hax Launches Boost Program to Enable Hardware Startups to Ignite Sales

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Hax, formerly known as Haxlr8r, is expanding its already comprehensive service to hardware startups. Appropriately named, Boost, the new Hax program is a 42-day intense course in selling. This course addresses PayPal founder Peter Thiel’s succinct observation: “If you’ve invented something new but you haven’t invented an effective way to sell it, you have a bad business—no matter how good the product."Hax Boost is an intensive mentoring program designed specifically to help hardware startups surpass their sales targets within six weeks. HAX Founder Cyril Ebersweiler is personally leading the program which will take place in San Francisco.“HAX’s new strategy is to not only support startups to launch, but ensure they have the tools, resources and support in order to scale,” said Ebersweiler.The new accelerator, which starts in September is aimed at startups that already have a product on the market. The program will give participating startups unprecedented access to manufacturing and electronic partners and crucial distribution channels. The six-week program will teach the fundamentals of logistics, establishing a channel strategy and building a robust hardware sales team.The world’s first and most prolific accelerator for hardware, IoT, and connected devices is based in Shenzhen, a megacity in southern China known for its legions of factories and engineering talent. Shenzhen has become the to-go to place for startups to turn their ideas into products. Hax has been taking advantage of the region’s supply chain and factory ecosystem to help startups rapidly go from product idea to prototype and market-ready products since 2012. The accelerator has already launched 50 companies since its inception.Hax has also increased the funding available for Hax accelerator startups up to $300,000. Hax now offers the most funding worldwide to help create profitable hardware companies from scratch. Hax takes 6% equity for $25K or 9% equity for $100K.In the meantime, Hax continues with its original hardware accelerator, now called Hax Accelerator. Hax batch 7 begins in July in San Francisco. Hax Accelerator attracts hardware startups from around the world, with most participants coming from the United States and Europe.