Hardware Accelerator Central

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Hardware is hard; a hefty 64% of hardware startup crowdfunding projects go on to fail. But that number doesn’t seem to scare anyone as hardware continues to be the hot trend in the startup community.The hardware startup sector has been booming lately with a myriad of innovative new ideas, but very few make if off the drawing board. Why? It could be a number of reasons such as a lack of knowledge of the industry or a lack of funds; creating and building a hardware startup can be a costly endeavor!Bring in the hardware accelerator; it’s like a college for startup companies, but the real world edition, providing the funds and the work space to potential entrepreneurs while at the same time mentoring them on the ins and outs of manufacturing, designing, and networking – skills that can’t be learned from a book! Through a 6-12 month intensive program, a hardware accelerator can help bring a startup’s idea to the market much faster than they could have done by themselves and with a much greater chance of success.Each hardware accelerator has unique standpoints and expertise. While this is great, it makes choosing the right accelerator to work with a very difficult task for startups. To help them make the right choice, we have come up with our very own Hardware Accelerator Central list of some the leading hardware accelerators from around the globe, highlighting the key characteristics of each and every one, so you can easily find which accelerator fits you best.Please take a look at Hardware Accelerator Central and let us know what you think.Title image CC-BY-SA Institut für Dokumentologie und Editorik