Daily Startup News

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Hardware is hard:

We all know that it can be difficult to start a hardware startup. Snowshow gives us an insider view of what it takes to start a hardware startup. To learn more about Snowshoe and the challenging experiences they’ve had in building their business, check out this article.

Startups Serving the 99 Percent Will be the Next Billion-Dollar Companies:

Although it may at first seem to go against prevailing wisdom, startups that cater to middle class consumers rather than the affluent 1 percent have a higher chance of a long-lasting growth potential. Startup companies in Silicon Valley should take note of how China’s startups have strategically selected the mass market as their focus. Check out this article to for more details.

The Startup Illusion

We all have this notion in our mind that as long as we have a brilliant idea, we can become successful overnight. Because so many entrepreneurs seem to have been able to grow their businesses extremely quickly, we find ourselves blinded by these unrealistic expectations. Read how to get past the The Startup Illusion in this article.Title Image: News Reading