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Advice for Early-Stage Hardware Startups

While it is common for everyone to mumble the words, “hardware is hard”, Luke Iseman and Jeff Chang are here to say quite the opposite. They give us a brief overview of some simple guidelines that hardware startups need to live by in order to become successful. To learn what these guidelines are, read this blog post.

Making Diversity Your Strategic Weapon

Making your staff more diverse can not only be a beneficial to you but to your company as well. Many startups are aiming at having more diversity at their company. Read here to find out why they are doing this!

Sony Launches a Crowdfunding Site for Projects from its Employees in Japan

Sony has just released a new crowdfunding platform called First Flight. This platform is currently only in Japan, but it can display different ideas from Sony’s employees. Check out this article to learn more about First Flight.Title Image: News Reading