Daily Startup News

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How Fitbit Survived as a Hardware Startup:

Seven times. Seven is the amount of times that Fitbit was on the verge of announcing bankruptcy during their attempt at a hardware startup. Fitbit executives describe their long experience with developing their hardware. Read more to find out what their secrets are to becoming a successful hardware startup.

Here’s How to Make Hardware Startups More than Just a Fad:

With the multiple crowdfunding sites that are just a click away, it is relatively easily to start a hardware startup. The problem isn’t starting one, it is keeping it. This article shares with us the key to becoming a successful and long-lasting hardware startup.

Smartspot, Which Brings Computer Visions to Gyms and Trainers:

Say goodbye to your personal trainer. Smartspot was created to re-imagine the typical gym equipment and personal training using Kinnect technology. Check out this article to find out more details about Smartspot and the founder.Title Image: News Reading