Daily Startup News

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Kickstarter Prototype to Production: $100K is not enough:

Think $100,000 will be enough to start your own startup? Think again. Many startups do not realize exactly how much money they will need until it is too late. Read this article to learn about the long and expensive process that startups go through.

Ralph Lauren is Using Data to Revolutionize Fashion:

Ralph Lauren goes smart – being the first to show us their smart clothing line. You’ll never be able to look at your old polo the same when you realize that you have the potential to control it with your smartphone. Check out this article to read more about how this classic clothing company is preparing the road for our future smart clothing.

Read This Before Meeting VCs for Pre-Pitch “Advice”:

Tip #1: Do not walk in empty handed when you have a pre-meeting with VCs. One of the major mistakes that startups do is ask for a meeting with VCs and have nothing to offer. Find out more about the preparation startups need to take to make the meeting more worthwhile.Title Image: News Reading