Daily Startup News

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The Most Important Thing You Must do as a Hardware Startup:

You have an awesome idea and you are sure it will be the next big thing. WRONG. The truth is that many hardware startups fail because they follow that thinking. Read this article to find out what is the most important thing to know to become a successful hardware startup.

New Smart Home Gadget wants to be better than your phone at telling you useful stuff:

What’s smarter than your smartphone? ELLA, the new smart home gadget claims to be; it is a small gadget that manages our daily routines. Read more about ELLA in this article.

Personal Health in the Digital Age:

Ever thought to check up on your health through your smartphone? We live in a society where our smart devices change the way we shop, work, socialize, and now how we manage our health. Check out this article to know more about how we can become more informed about our health in this digital world.