Meet the Makers

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With over 145,000 people crowding around the amazing projects and gadgets on display at the event, this year’s Maker Faire Bay was a huge hit. After viewing all the projects ranging from robot spiders to smart bikes, it must have been impossible to leave the event without feeling inspired by the creativity and ingenuity shown by the makers.Indeed, some of the projects have the potential to change the future of gadgets:
  • Let me introduce you to the Denny Bike. This is not your typical old rusty bike sitting in your garage. This is a smart bike which includes special features like an Arduino-based lighting system, an RFduino-based lock system, and Bluetooth. The result of collaboration with Teague and Sizemore bicycles, the bike is also smart enough to give you information about your daily trips such as the travel time and distance.
  • The famous Dutch Tech artist, Anouk Wipprecht, confidently showed off her futuristic fashion designs to the crowd. Her dress, which is famously known as the Spider Dress 2.0, was designed with microcontrollers that were placed strategically as a spider. The microcontrollers that are considered as “legs” react to the movements in the environment. On top of that, the 3D printed dress can be controlled through her breathing since it has respiratory sensors. Is it safe to call her spider woman now?
  • Sprout was given the pretentious name as the “world’s first immersive computer” at the event. Built by HP, it features a 3D camera, two touch screens, and a projector to bring a “blended reality” to us. Sprout helps people bring imagination to life by letting people choose any object they want to be eventually printed out.
  • Who knew that technology from 1977 could still be “cool”? A turntable named, Thud Rumble, set out to wow the crowds. The original idea came when the team realized that our current DJs look more like they are on social media than actually controlling the music. So they came up with this gadget with the goal to bring the instruments back to the DJ’s hands. The team powered different instruments like drums, keyboards, and a mixer to allow for a convenient plug-and-play setup. So go on, let them hear you rumble.
The Maker Faire Bay provided a fascinating and colorful glimpse of the kinds of gadgets that are to come in the near future. With its vibrant and fun atmosphere, it must have inspired many of the people present to pursue their own maker dreams.