Daily Startup News

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Hardware Startups: To Succeed You have to Sleep in a Factory in China:

Let me give you a word of advice: Sleep in a factory in China if you want your hardware startup to succeed. That is probably the most bizarre advice, but there is some truth behind it. Find out how this piece of advice can help your hardware startup.

Roomblocker is Modernizing Group Hotel Reservations:

Say hello to the hassle-free way to book a block of hotel rooms! Roomblocker is a startup that is able to take you step-by-step through booking several hotel rooms online. Check out this article to find out how you can make your life a whole lot easier next time you book hotel rooms.

Smart Connected Products: Killing Industries, Boosting Innovation:

Hold onto your hats, it’s about to be a wild ride. With the combination of an influx of smart products and a change of how we see industries, our future is destined for something wild. Read this article to learn more about this journey we have ahead of us.