Daily Startup News

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5 Business Lessons that can Make or Break a Startup:

Brush up on those business classes that you never thought you would need. There are 5 crucial lessons that can either make or break your startup. Find out what those 5 lessons are in this article.

Google’s Self-Driving Cars take the Safe Road to Austin:

“Look! The car’s moving by itself!” Next time you’re taking a road trip these words may come out of your mouth. Google is introducing the first self-driving car and they are testing it on Austin’s roads. Check out this article to find out more about this futuristic car.

ClipMine Improves Videos with Crowdsourced Tagging and Annotations:

We all have had that moment where we watched a 20 minute video just to realize that you only needed to watch 2 minutes of it. Well, ClipMine is a startup that will solve that problem for you. Read more in this article to find out the special features that ClipMine can do for you.