Do you want to Make (it) in LA?

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They say that there is always a first time for everything, or in this case, anything. Make in LA had the right mindset when they placed their headquarters in the heart of Los Angeles. It is the first hardware accelerator in Los Angeles dedicated to making hardware startups’ life a little bit easier.So how do they do this?Make in LA is teamed up with NEO Tech, a contract manufacturer with experience in managing complex solutions using Tier 1 tools. NEO Tech is a 40 year old business with experience in making displays, professional audio equipment, and cochlear implants. A unique feature about Make in LA is the fact that the manufacturing contractor is located right next to the company’s headquarters. In fact, NEO tech has even offered to lend prototyping space and equipment to the startups. This allows for the hardware to easily go from ideas to tangible products.In addition, with the 85 hand-picked mentors, Make in LA makes it possible for startups to learn the right skills to make a hardware startup become successful. The mentors share their knowledge and expertise about making a business succeed. Through an intensive four month long program, they take 5 carefully selected startups by their hand through every step of the otherwise long and dreadful journey.During this program, the accelerator leads the way through different processes which include understanding technology, marketing, and manufacturing. On top of all these benefits, this company also offers office space, prototype labs, production facilities, mentoring, and even investments up to $150,000.While everything is said and done, you are probably left wondering what you can do to be part of this program.Well, the steps are quite easy to apply. They are currently accepting applications for Fall 2015 and they will be the first ever group to experience this amazing journey with this company. But like any good thing, there is a time limit. The applications are available until the end of July. So hurry and apply!Here are the requirements to enter:
  1. In a hardware space & have a great technological advance that makes them superior to their competition
  2. Willing to work with this awesome accelerator full time for 4 short months.
  3. Have extreme interest in making their company successful and raise more money
  4. And lastly, of course, have an innovative and progressive team that wants to have fun and explore their boundaries.
The clock is ticking. Apply now and experience this challenging yet fun journey with Make in LA. The program starts on September 8, 2015.