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DAILY STARTUP NEWS | July 16, 2015

Startup Lands $100 Million to Challenge Smartphone Superpowers Apple and Google:

A new smartphone startup with a new operating system has risen up to the challenge! Acadine Technologies boasts that their new operating system is comparable to Apple and Google’s. Check out this article for more details about the new operating system.

How Singapore Is Jumpstarting Startup Culture:

Singapore is taking the leap and igniting its startup culture by sending its brightest young entrepreneurial talent for one-year internships at small overseas startups. Read this article to find out what this could potentially mean to this country!

Add These 12 Content Marketing Tools to Your Startup’s Arsenal:

Having a great idea is good, but having good marketing tools for your startup is better. There are 12 marketing tools that can really add more attention to your startup. Find out what these are in this article