Daily Startup News

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DAILY STARTUP NEWS | July 20, 2015

Enabling Makers to Create “The Next Big Thing”:

The days when Makers were considered hobbyists or tinkers are over! Makers are showing us “the next big thing” through the creation of smart gadgets, machines, robots, and wearables. Check out this article for more information about these innovative Makers.

Welcome to the Unicorn Club, 2015: Learning From Billion-Dollar Companies:

Welcome to 2015’s Unicorn Club. Taking a step into the club, you can actually learn quite a lot about these billion-dollar companies. Check out this article to learn more about these large billion-dollar companies!

Smart Bed Startup, Luna Joins Y Combinator, Has Raised $1.3M in Private Funding:

Once again, smart bed startup, Luna, has had a successful funding campaign. Luna has raised $1.3M from private investors since joining Y Combinator. Check out this article for more information about Luna.