Daily Startup News

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YC-Backed Fonticons, A Subscription Icon Service From The Creator Of Font Awesome: Ever created a website? If so, you’ve probably heard of Font Awesome. Over 40 million websites use this service, including the official website of the White House! Check out this article to learn about Fonticons, a subscription service developed by the creator of Font Awesome!Y Combinator’s Approach To Growth-Stage Investing: What would investing pro rata mean for Y Combinator? The popular accelerator program recently filed for what it’s calling its Y Combinator Continuity Fund, a growth stage vehicle, rumored to be raising at least $1 billion! Check out this article for more information about Y Combinator’s approach to growth-stage investing!How to Hire for a Startup: Building a team from scratch along with doing something that’s never been done before is both exhilarating and empowering! However, hiring for a startup is a lot more challenging than companies with years of experience. Learn more about how to hire for a startup here