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6 Questions with Tom Shrive, Arc Wearables & Pop Stick CEOThis August, HWTrek is sponsoring hardware startups and creators to visit Taiwan and Beijing on the Asia Innovation Tour, similar to the one they held in 2014.  Tom Shrive (Arc Wearables and Pop Stick CEO) was a participant in the Tour last year.  After his experience, HWTrek reached out to him with 6 questions about his current projects, along with lessons he has learned and advice he has to offer.  Check out his answers here!Shanghai and Disruptive Innovation: Shanzhai What is Shanzhai? Shanzhai is China’s word for disruptive technology.  Literally translated, it means “mountain village” or “mountain stronghold”, indicating a zone that operates outside of the law. In modern terms, shanzhai refers to cheap knock-offs produced by low-quality factories in southern China. Over the years, shanzhai has created knock-off phones, capturing a large share of the market.  Learn more about shanzhai and its changes as disruptive innovation here!Designed in Shenzhen: Shanzhai Manufacturing and Maker EntrepreneursShenzhen is a city in China that transformed from a series of village collectives into one of the world’s largest manufacturing hubs in the last 30 years.  In 1979, the implementation of a government policy declared Shenzhen a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), increasing the population from under 50,000 to over 10 million people by 2010! Companies from the US and Europe moved their manufacturing facilities here, along with other dense webs of manufacturing businesses known as shanzhai.  Learn more about shanzhai manufacturing and maker entrepreneurs who came to Shenzhen here.  (Paper originally from here.)