Daily Startup News

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Crowdfunding Essentials, Hardware Startup:Crowdfunding is a great choice for new hardware startups.  Sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon are all very attractive options to creating a product.  In the past few years, many interesting and successful new ideas have come to exist through this kind of funding.  Learn more about the crowdfunding essentials in hardware setup here!Sink or Swim: Why Some Startups Succeed and Others Don’t:A survey by insurer RSA found as many as 50% of startups don’t survive beyond five years!  Ultimately, businesses fail because they run out of money, but there are many reasons why this bankruptcy happens.  Everything from management teams, business models, access to markets, finance, ideas, timing, and the abilities of the entrepreneurs themselves are factors that influence the failure of a startup.  Find out more about why startups succeed and why they don’t here!The Factory of the World - Hackaday Documentary on the Shenzhen Ecosystem:There is no place in the world that has the same kind of allure as the Pearl River Delta region of China in terms of manufacturing.  Although only a hour-long train ride away, two very different cultures coexist, each with its own unique appeal.  Cities on the mainland like Shenzhen and Guangzhou have cheap products and low-cost contract work, while on the island, Hong Kong, the capitalist utopia has high finance and lavish lifestyles.  Learn more about the factory of the world, a hackaday documentary on the Shenzhen ecosystem here!  Check out the original article here