Daily Startup News

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Amazon Launchpad, A New Marketplace for Startups:Launchpad is a new marketplace that’s specifically for startups. On Launchpad, startups will get a product page where they can upload a product video and additional information.  Startups on Launchpad will have the ability to take pre-orders for products directly through Amazon rather than on their company website and Amazon will handle shipping logistics.  Learn more about Amazon Launchpad, a new marketplace for startups here!2015, A Strong Year for Startups:The time for startups is now!  According to Forbes, 2015 seems to be shaping into a strong year for startups and early stage investor ecosystems.  Across the globe and in multiple sectors, total funding applications are up, especially in the United States, where New York City has a surging tech-industry that leads a nationwide growth in new startups.  Find out more about startup growths in 2015 here!MacroFab Raises $2M In Seed Funding To Help Hardware Startups Manufacture PCB Boards:Manufacturing PCB Boards is quite a difficult task.  The process is old fashioned, time consuming, and has lots of back and forth between manufacturers and clients.  MacroFab provides a solution to this problem! Learn about MacroFab raising $2 million in seed funding to help hardware startups manufacture PCB Boards here