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How Indian startup SmartVizX Uses Virtual Reality in Real Estate & Product Design:Virtual reality has always been on the same level as science fiction and landing on the moon.  However, it is becoming the new reality.  Before, virtual reality was mostly related with the entertainment industry, but there is so much more virtual reality can be used for!  Learn all about how Indian startup SmartVizX uses virtual reality in real estate and product design here!Startups Facebook has Inspired to Change How Businesses Use Tech:Businesses spend A LOT of money on tech each year.  The enterprise tech market is about $3.5 trillion! Startups inspired by Facebook want to change the way these enterprises use tech.  Check out this article to find out about the startups Facebook has inspired!Hard Times: Life and Times of a Hardware Firm:There are many steps founders should complete for their startups to become a reality.  From learning how things are done to finding investors, there are many obstacles startups have to go through.  Learn some advice Rohan Shravan, founder and CEO of Notion Ink, has to give for startups here!