Daily Startup News

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Y Combinator Brings Hardware Veteran Luke Iseman on Full-Time to Help Startups Grow Faster:Y Combinator is a venture fund that focuses on seed investments to startup companies.  The popular accelerator program is growing rapidly and has even started to expand its focus beyond software startups.  Learn about how Y Combinator brings Luke Iseman, hardware veteran, on full time, to help startups grow faster here!The Computer Graphics Market Expected to Exceed $235 Billion by 2018:In the past few years, the computer graphics industry has been constantly growing.  Though it has suffered from recessions, it has always reemerged due to new technologies like 3D scanning, 3D printing, and more.  In the next few years, the computer graphics market is expected to exceed $235 billion!  Learn more about how the computer graphics market will grow here!Other Alternative Cities to Silicon Valley, Ideal For Startups Worldwide:Silicon Valley has always been the place for startups.  Although it would be ideal to start out there, it is not cheap and would be even more stressful for a young entrepreneur.  Luckily, there are other alternative cities to Silicon Valley, that are ideal for startups worldwide!  Check them out here!