Daily Startup News

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Xiaomi Ties Up with Foxconn to Make Smartphones in India:Xiaomi, the world’s fourth-largest phone vendor, has tied up with Taiwan’s Foxconn to assemble smartphones in the country to grab a larger share of the booming Indian market.  The tie-up will make India Xiaomi’s second local manufacturing hub outside China! Find out more about Xiaomi’s tie with Foxconn to make smartphones in India here!This Indian Startup is Everyman’s Apple Pay:Move aside Apple Pay, ToneTag is here.  ToneTag is a software product that uses sound waves to bring the same convenience of contactless payments to any mobile device, even old brick phones, unlike Apple Pay, which only works with the latest Apple devices.  Learn more about this Indian startup that is everyman’s Apple Pay here!Being Too Early in an Industry:Sometimes, the early bird doesn’t always get the worm.  For example, early on in the gaming industry, companies had a hard time surviving.  Nowadays, the gaming industry is huge!  A tournament in Seattle for a popular game called Dota 2 just finished, with the prize pool being over $18 million USD!  Check out this article to find out more about being too early in an industry!