Daily Startup News

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How Wearables Startups Can Overcome the Hardware Challenge:Some startups may feel the need to take shortcuts and rush due to the wearable market projected to heat up to $12.6 billion by 2018. This scenario is bound to have problems for hardware makers in this category.  Learn how wearable startups can overcome the hardware challenge here!Mark Cuban and Richard Parsons Invest in Drone Computer Vision Startup - Percepto:Have you heard of this startup? Percepto is an Israeli startup developing hardware and software that drones can use to handle computer vision processes such as obstacle avoidance.  The startup announced today that it raised $1 million seed round from investors such as Mark Cuban and Richard Parsons.  Find out more about the drone computer vision startup Percepto here!  Four Things Every Startup CEO Should Know:Need some advice for your startup?  Andy Liu, an AIA Accelerator mentor, has some tips for you!  Getting support from investors for a startup isn’t always easy.  That’s why you should always be able to answer these four key elements that matter the most, according to Liu.  Find out the four things every startup CEO should know here!