Daily Startup News

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Samsung's Big Bet - Put American Software Startups Inside Its Most Important Hardware:People are always looking at their phone while watching TV, either reading tweets or checking stats on the game.  That’s why Kai Bond created a smart TV app called Pixie, a smart feed which displays conversations happening on social media alongside the action of your TV.  Less than a year later, Samsung acquired Pixie and is putting its software into the operating system of every smart TV it makes! Learn more about Samsung putting American software startups inside its most important hardware here!  ET Startup Awards 2015: Best Social Enterprise Award Goes to Forus Health:One of the earliest hardware startups in India’s low cost healthcare segment is Forus Health.  Forus Health’s trump card is a portable eye-screening device called 3nethra that was developed for mass pre-screening.  3nethra can play an important role in early detection of many eye diseases such as cataract and diabetic retinopathy! Find out more about Forus Health and how they got the best social enterprise award here!  Startups Could Revitalise Manufacturing in Developed Countries: Startups can do an assortment of things.  In this case, startup ventures and their entrepreneurs could help revitalise manufacturing in developed countries like the US and Singapore, and especially amidst competition with economies like China, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam!  Find out more here!