Daily Startup News

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AgeSafe’s Radar Technology Offers New Way to Keep Elders Safe at Home:Many elderly people typically don’t want to burden their children or “bother” them when they don’t feel well.  Ironically, this makes the situtation worse because hiding accidents only delays response times.  That’s why Echo Chang developed a better safety monitoring and assistance device that is more sensitive to an elder’s subtle mental biases than current devices.  Find out more about AgeSafe’s radar technology that offers a new way to keep elders safe at home here!  Buffalo-based Hardware Startup - Considered for Hax Accelerator:Thimble is a Buffalo-based technology startup company with co-founders Oscar Pedroso, David Brenner, and Michael Luskind.  Thimble users get a new kit every month with components that turn into various devices like robots or drones.  The company is preparing to enter one of the world’s most prominent accelerators in the world: Hax.  Learn more about this Buffalo-based hardware startup and its journey into Hax here!  Diverse Devices Hatch at S.F. Hardware Incubators:From electric skateboards to digital charm bracelets, centrifugal coffee makers to gadgets that help form good habits, the number of diverse devices are endless!  Around San Francisco and Silicon Valley, new hardware incubators are helping hatch startups.  Read more about the diverse devices hatching at San Francisco hardware incubators here!