Daily Startup News

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These 3 Guys Quit Google, But Their New Startup Shows They Still Love Android:Nowadays, everyone is talking about Xiaomi and their good use of Android paired with cheap hardware.  But, Xiaomi isn’t the ONLY company that’s doing that! A new startup located in Beijing is run by three ex-Googlers.  It has now grown to over 100 staffers from two very popular Kickstarter campaigns for their Android-based gadgets! Learn more about the 3 guys who quit google and created a new startup here!Xiaomi To Invest In Indian Mobile Apps And Services Startups:Xiaomi is everywhere! The world’s second most valued tech startup, Xiaomi, has announced its plans to invest in Indian startups, specifically those revolving around mobile apps and allied services, according to Economic Times! That means more Chinese investment for India’s startup ecosystem! Find out more about Xiaomi’s decision to invest in Indian mobile app and services startups here!Andy Rubin’s Playground Global Invests $15 Million in CastAR Augmented Reality Startup:Who is Andy Rubin? In case you forgot, he played a major role in the making of Android! Although we no longer see him at Google, he is still very active in the industry! Rubin launched investing hardware incubator, Playground Global, and is busy overlooking new companies! Find out about Andy Rubin’s Playground Global investing $15 million in CastAR, an augmented reality startup here!