Daily Startup News

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Sam Altman and Jessica Livingston Explain Y Combinator’s Success:Demo Day. The day. This is what startups have been preparing for, for the last 3 months.  This day is probably the most important day startups would ever have during their time together.  Every year, thousands of companies submit applications, hoping to be a part of Y Combinator’s next batch of startups, and to think this all began just 10 years ago! Learn more from Sam Altman and Jessica Livingston’s explanation of Y Combinator’s success here!Interview with European Investor Klaus Hommels:Today, European VC fund Lakestar announced it is launching a new €350 million (£253 million) fund, Lakestar II! Klaus Hommels, the investor who had backed Skype, Spotify, and Facebook will be leading it. According to Lakestar, the new fund will focus on early stage investments, for example, seed funding and Series A rounds! Learn more by checking out Business Insider’s interview with Hommels about his new fund here!The State of Startups in Israel:There has been significant growth in the sums of capital raised by Silicon Valley startups and large volumes of transactions that were rarely seen in Israel in the past two years! Many unicorns, or companies valued at over $1 billion, have already emerged from Israel.  The statistics for 2015 reflects a decisive growth, suggesting the Silicon Valley phenomenon has begun to trickle over to Israel! Learn more about the state of startups in Israel here!