Daily Startup News

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Butterfleye - Home Security Camera That Can Learn What Not To Record:I always thought home security cameras were a little bit creepy sometimes.  Well, Butterfleye is a hardware startup that aims to build a connected home security camera that doesn’t come across as creepily prying.  How so? Learn more about Butterfleye, the home security camera that can learn what not to record here!  For Medical Tech Startups, FDA Approval Is Crucial:Innovation is about more than creativity or convenience. It can be a matter of life and death. Pursuing medical technology is not easy. Even if you manage to create something that can change the industry, not everyone can benefit right away! Find out more on why FDA approval is crucial for medical tech startups here!Will Your Hardware Startup Make Money?:It’s not as easy as it seems for hardware startups to make money.  Just getting started is rough! Lots of time and money is put into product development.  Don’t forget about Bills of Materials, Cost of Goods Sold, and more! Check out this article to figure out if your hardware startup will make money!