Daily Startup News

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Formation 8′s Hardware Fund Passes $100 Million:Many accelerators have raised funds, and Formation 8 is among one of them. Others include Lemnos Labs, Bolt, Root Ventures, and Playground Global LLC from Android creator Andy Rubin! Venture firm Formation 8 surpassed its $100 million target for its new hardware fund! Learn more about the hardware fund here!This is How an Aerospace Engineer Designs Hardware Products:Being such a small piece in a massive organization has certain limitations. That’s why James Olander eventually found himself working at a different place, surrounded by people who were literally building their own dreams! Eventually, James was inspired to build a product, a laptop stand called Roost.  Find out more about how an aerospace engineer designs hardware products here!Hardware Looking Like Software as New Business Models Create New Opportunities:Hardware startups usually only had one business model since the beginning of the consumer tech industry and that was to build a product and hope people buy it.  But, that’s all starting to change! The hardware market is starting to look a lot more like the software business! Learn about how hardware is looking like software as new business models create new opportunities here!