Immersive virtual reality is not new

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The first immersive virtual reality movie, Angles was created by Nicole Stenger way back in 1991. Nicole Stenger, a French born American, is a digital media artist and pioneer in virtual reality and internet movies.

In fact, this influential pioneer made 3D animations eons ago in 1988.

Stenger conceived and developed the movie Angels while she was s research scholar at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory in Seattle.

Angels is a real-time interactive immersive movie involving three senses: visual, audio and touch. The immersive equipment included a 360° head mounted display (incorporating high-resolution HRX goggles developed by VR pioneer Jaron Lanier), a 3D audio system (Crystal River), and the VPL Data glove.

Since those early days Stenger has continued working on online art projects described as early examples of web cinema. Examples are My Faux Cinema (1998–2003) and Love Your Friend (2004). Chambers (2001) and Dynasty (2007–2009) are VRLM (virtual reality modelling language) movies that completed a trilogy with Angles. The Isle that was a book was completed in 2011. Her latest movie The Wish came out in 2015.

Stenger has participated in electronic art exhibitions worldwide including Washington, Cologne, Sao Paulo, Oslo, Stuttgart, Athens, Monterey, Milan, Tokyo and New York. She has been included in the “Contemporary women artists on the Web”, a collection of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, in Washington DC.

Of recent developments in virtual reality she has said: "VR pioneer Tom Furness had predicted that there would be a winter for VR before the first wave disappeared in the early 90s. So, I went on designing in VR for all these years. I believed in it, I knew it would be back. I had no doubt that it was nothing temporary, and now it's burst out again. It's VR's springtime."