VRstudios: Making Virtual Reality real for business

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Virtual reality is about to become part and parcel of every industry. The technology can be deployed to give companies a competitive advantage, transforming how they train, promote, build, explore and sell.

Seattle-based VRstudios is a company at the forefront of making VR practical for businesses to incorporate. VRstudios provides full-motion, wireless, multi-user virtual reality platforms and commercial VR solutions for use in architecture, interior design, aerospace and military applications. VRstudios has three product lines: VRcade, for gaming; VRdesign for architects and VRsolutions that offers custom services for VR deployments.

VRstudios’ technology incorporates a wireless headset that allows users to physically move around freely within a physically captured space which is featureless and limited, but experienced as rich in detail and large. VRstudios have developed innovative technologies to bring users under the impression that the virtual space is much larger than the actual physical capture space.

The VRstudios Operating Platform is completely wireless and allows for full motion tracking across small and large spaces. An interesting feature is the multi-location support that allows for different people in different locations to share the same virtual space at the same time and interact with each other. The system is hardware agnostic meaning that as new technologies emerge, they can be included in the system, ensuring that the service always keeps pace with new technological developements.

VRstudio is helping clients across industries to change how they do business.

Construction One Seattle construction company is growing their business with current clients by immersing them in new construction plans a year before the first ground is broken.

Architecture By bringing a professional 3D rendered model of the interior of the building from 3ds Max into a real time 3D engine, VRstudios makes it possible for architects to demonstrate their visions to clients in a way that they have never been able to do in the past. Clients can, instead of looking at plans and drawings or 3D models, take a virtual tour of the building by physically walking through it.

Aerospace An aircraft design firm made a major sale after their clients were able to tour a plane in virtual reality. One key aspect was the fact that the VRstudio system is transportable and could be taken to various locations to demonstrate the multi-million dollar project in virtual reality to important decision makers.

Sports The VRstudio system is being deployed at college and pro football training facilities around Canada. With custom VR gear, including optical tracking markers on helmets and a football, and a virtual football field with player avatars, football teams can do the ultimate preparation for the upcoming season.

Entertainment – VRcade® The VRcade gaming system has been deployed in the Milpitas, California location of the restaurant arcade chain Dave & Buster’s. Installing the system in an entertainment complex is a win-win for VRstudios, its arcade clients and the public who can have great immersive VR experiences at affordable rates. The current deployment is designed for a single player in a 225 square foot space, but much larger, multi-player installations for sale and lease are in the pipeline for the near future.