Tilt Brush creates new artistic dimensions

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A neat piece of futuristic technology comes embedded with the HTC Vive due for sale in the next couple of months. Tilt Brush is a 3D sketching app that lets users paint and sculpt three-dimensionally while wearing a VR headset. A sketch of fire and smoke will be three-dimensional, allowing artists and others with VR headsets on to walk around the creation and view it from every angle. Tilt Brush enables artists to create animated virtual art such as lapping water, twinkling starts or a burning fire complete with curling smoke.

Tilt Brush was developed by the virtual reality studio Skillman & Hacket. Google acquired Tilt Brush in April 2015.

In an interview with Fast Company Partick Hackett explained that the Tilt Brush is intended to be an expression tool, not a precision tool, so users can create images fast and easily and share them. The amazing creative tool lets you rotate, flip, and reposition a grid that operates as a stationary plane in space and allows you to export your work to a GIF form so you can share it with others.

Tilt Brush was the winner of the Proto Award for Best GUI (graphical user interface) in 2014. In June 2015 the founders of Tilt Brush organised the world’s first ever virtual reality art exhibition in San Francisco.

Glen Keane the animator responsible for iconic animated characters such as Aladdin, Ariel from The Little Mermaid and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, has said of Tilt Brush: “I would draw not to do a drawing, but so that I could step in and live in that world. Today, all the rules have changed. I can put goggles on and I just step into the paper and now I’m drawing in it. North, South, East, West — all directions are open now.”

Virtual reality technology has the potential to have a profound effect on how we express ourselves creatively. Apart from tools like Tilt Brush that allows artists completely new creation possibilities, wearing a VR headset while sculpting or painting, allows artists complete isolation from a distractions – ideal conditions for concentration.

VR headsets like the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive are more than a means to play games – they are the means to unprecedented creative potential.