Nvidia launches VR startup competition

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Startup competitions have been around for a few years now, but virtual reality, although not a new technology, is a relatively new field for entrepreneurial exploration. Indeed, it is so new that few incubators or accelerators focus on startups in this field and even fewer competitions exist for the best VR business idea or application.

The GPU (graphic processing unit) design company, Nvidia, is changing that at the GTC technology conference for GPU developers. Virtual reality will share a prime spot with Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Self Driving Cars.

The event will feature a special Emerging Companies Summit VR Showcase where startups can show off their disruptive innovations and compete for a $30,000 cash prize. The ECS VR Showcase is an opportunity for companies, research teams and startups to promote their VR technology before a live audience of VCs, technology executives and the media.

Nvidia's ECS takes place on April 6th in Silicon Valley and applications opened on 12 February and close on 7 March. Eight companies will be chosen to present their innovative VR work. After the presentation each team will be face questions from Jeff Herbst, VP of business development at NVIDIA, and Mark Rein, VP and co-founder of Epic Games. The winning team will be announced that same evening.

The chosen teams will receive complimentary all-access passes for each member to attend GTC 2016, which includes access to all Sessions, Hands-on Labs and free demonstration space in the GTC 2016 Exhibition area.

The GPU Technology Conference runs from 4 to 7 April 4-7 and takes place at the San Jose Convention Center, California. It is a great opportunity for research teams, entrepreneurs and startup teams to score financial and PR support and get their immersive technology idea to the next stage. You can find out more about the event here: http://www.gputechconf.com/present/ecs-vr-showcase