Airpush rolls out VirtualSKY platform for VR advertising

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In 2014 Airpush ranked second on the Forbes list of “Most Promising Companies” and was appointed winner of the “Top Innovator in Advertising Data” award at the 2014 DataWeek Conference. Two years later, Airpush has made good on that early promise.

The mobile advertising leader and innovator in advertising data has brought advertising to virtual reality (VR) and VR to advertising. The company’s platform for delivering immersive VR advertising experiences from top brands and advertisers into any VR app was announced at Advertising Week last year. Called VirtualSKY, the platform has already enabled the launch of a number of VR ad campaigns.

VR being so new on the market, advertising agencies and brands are still figuring out how to leverage the technology to reach and wow customers. Until the Airpush announcement there was no scalable earning solution for VR developers and no way for advertisers to place ads within content.

Advertisements made in VR pose a number of problems for advertisers, one being the very large VR files that cause slow loading times. Airpush developed the VirtualSKY platform to allow for very fast, pre-cached streaming of experiences that nearly eliminates load times and skipping. The high-res experiences can be seamlessly integrated into VR content with minimal disruption to the VR experience.The other limitation for advertisers moving into VR is that the vast majority of people don’t own VR headsets as yet, so they can’t be reached via an immersive VR ad experience. The Airpush network is integrated into over 150,000 mobile apps around the world, so its platform can reach vast numbers of users making VR advertising campaigns on a large scale viable.

“From Google to Sony to Facebook, options for VR content development have exploded while any real monetization or advertising capabilities have yet to emerge. VirtualSKY is the first platform to offer both of these,” said Cameron V. Peebles, Head of Global Marketing for VirtualSKY and Airpush at the time of the launch.

He has told Business Insider recently that the first campaigns have already launched and that VirtualSky also has ads lined up for retailers and as well as "an upcoming blockbuster movie."

Two ad formats are offered on the VirtualSKY platform. The VirtualSKY’ Sponsor Ads are 5-10 seconds long and play when the consumer launches VR content. The VirtualSKY Experience Ads are 10-30 seconds long and star playing at natural breaks in VR content, such as in-between game levels. Airpush also offers VR design services to companies that advertise with them.

Airpush is one of the largest mobile ad platforms with more than 150,000 live apps utilizing its SDK.