Mexican state embraces virtual and augmented reality

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The largest of Mexico’s 31 federal states is getting a virtual reality (VR) center focused on education, health and safety.

EON Reality and the governor of the State of Mexico have announced the establishment of an Interactive Digital Center (IDC) to produce virtual and augmented reality (AR) content and train future AR and VR professionals. EON Reality is investing $20 million in the venture.

The IDC will create new, high quality, jobs and will help build a VR and AR ecosystem in the State of Mexico that will encompass the establishment of a local EON Entrepreneur School.

The announcement was made by Dr Eruviel Ávila Villegas, Governor of the State of Mexico. EON Reality will develop applications for the State of Mexico, focused on safety and health.

The EON Reality Mexico Center is reportedly part of a larger plan to bring high tech companies to the State of Mexico. The IDC will support higher education initiatives and help improve local education and training.

Established back in 1999 and based in Irvine, California, EON Reality is a world leader in VR and AR -based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment. EON Reality’s Interactive Digital Centers have been established in the UK, Russia, France, Oman, the UAE, Mauritius and South Africa.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are set to become integral to daily life across the world, a development that necessitates the creation of large volumes of content. IDCs like EON Reality Mexico are crucial to meet this growing demand. The IDC includes a twelve month entrepreneurship program aimed at bringing innovative VR and AR ideas to market.

EON Reality claims that its IDC Hubs can enable an entire nation to learn up to 12 time faster within 60 months, and 100 entrepreneur students can create VR/AR curriculum for thousands of end users within less than 36 months. Knowledge transfer through VR and AR is so effective because it differs in one crucial aspect from traditional learning: users experience the learning, they don’t listen to a lecture. Because users are shown, rather than told, learning through these technologies overcomes language barriers and even illiteracy.

EON Reality Mexico is scheduled to open around the middle of September and is currently taking applications for its EON Entrepreneur School.

EON Reality has been developing AR and VR knowledge transfer software since 1999. The company has created a vast AR/VR library for knowledge transfer consisting of more than 7,000 applications.