VR & AR startup accelerator makes its home in Nevada City

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On July 11 startups focused on virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) will gather at the foothills of Nevada County to start the accelerator program offered by Green Screen Institute announced in March this year.

The Green Screen Institute accelerator is part of a collaborative initiative to spur innovation in the emerging VR and AR markets. The initiative also incorporates an investment program for startups, a co-working space for established corporations, and planned programs including vocational training.

This is a ten-week program for startups focusing on content creation for virtual reality and augmented reality platforms. The program provides all that is needed to come up with great VR content: a stipend, office space, VR and AR developer kits, production facilities and a work space in a beautiful setting to spur creativity.

Amongst others the Green Screen Institute’s advisory board includes Susan Amat, CEO of VentureHive; Gail Becker, President of Partnerships at Edelman; Adam Draper, Founder and Managing Director of Boost VC and Ajay Singh, Investment Principal, Samsung Global Innovation Center.

At the time of the announcement of the accelerator, Jon Gregory, managing partner of the Green Screen Institute and executive director of the Nevada County Economic Resource Council, expressed the opinion that extraordinary creativity occurs in peaceful, natural environments away from the hustle & bustle of major urban environments, adding that, “Green Screen provides a nurturing environment for creators and technologists to push the envelope of today’s most exciting communication and entertainment medium.”

Nevada City seems like the ideal spot for creative endeavours. The city and surrounds are scenically inspirational and added to that is the many arts festivals held in the city annually. There is the Nevada City Film Festival, with its focus on independent films, the California WorldFest that’s a stage for music and dance from around the world and the Wild & Scenic Film Festival, the world’s top environmental and adventure film festival. With a VR & AR escalator right on its doorstep, it won’t be surprising if the city adds VR films and experiences to its annual festival attractions.

The Green Screen Institute’s co-working lab is a shared facility for established companies and universities with an interest in the development of the VR and AR ecosystem. These established groups will share space with Green Screen’s accelerator class, enabling participants to forge relationships with each other and with cutting edge content developers. Startups will have access to legal and accounting services and housing is provided for teams of up to three.

The accelerator program kicks off on July 11, in time for participants to attend California World Fest and concludes in September, with a demo day following the Nevada City Film Festival.